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This is a highly beneficial compound found in the leaves and fruit of the papaya. Papain is an enzyme which means it helps drive reactions in your body. Here are five other powerful benefits of papaya and papain:

1. Helps Exfoliate and Hydrate the Skin

2. Heal and Soothe Minor Burns and Wounds

3. Antioxidant with Proteins for Smooth Skin

4. Vitamin A and C to assist with Skin Inflammation

5. Accelerates Healing for Cuts and Minor Rashes


Lanolin has long been used in the skin care and cosmetics industry as an effective emollient, commonly used in lotions to lock in much-needed moisture and restore and nourish your skin - while also allowing your skin to breathe naturally, without clogging any pores. Lanolin is the oil that is extracted from sheared wool. It’s a 100% naturally derived product and best known as for its soothing benefits.

Love this product, one of my kit essentials now!

Michelle-Lee Collins | Makeup Artist

I am loving it. Honestly, it’s such a divine product.

Ash Lavino | Owner of FitMom

We have been using a pharmaceutical bum cream on Ru but when her rash suddenly got worse I applied a generous amount of Lanolab and by the end of the weekend she was 100%. This thing works!

Potso Mpandawana | Mom