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My Favourite Things is a niche, modern, life and style store founded by Natasha Thorp, a television presenter and actress from South Africa. My Favourite Things promotes, sells and distributes products that fit the MFT ethos to individual customers and businesses.


My Favourite Things is a business-customer, business-business enterprise focused on building lasting, prosperous relationships with individual customers, as well as the brands that we promote and sell on site. My Favourite Things is committed to giving each brand the attention, love, and sales it deserves.


Here at MFT, we are working to partner with brand leaders, both locally and internationally. We are starting with a few flagship products for our launch but will be adding more layers to our delicious line-up of products. We are focused on thoughtfully sourcing only the best for our customers and business partners.


If you would like to collaborate with us or have any questions, please email