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LastSwab Beauty

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Reusable, Tapered Swab for Beauty and Makeup Needs
LastSwab Beauty is like LastSwab Original – really awesome – but even better for your makeup needs.
It has two sides, one rounded and one tapered, for correcting makeup and creating the perfect smudged eyeliner. Remove mascara smears, create a winged eyeliner that would make Adele jealous, and perfect the edges of your lipstick.
Unlike other makeup tools or regular swabs, this one is reusable up to 1000 times. Just wash it with soap and water!

How to Use 

  • Take the swab out of the case 
  • Use on your face to correct makeup, smudge eyeliner, sharpen edges, etc. 
  • Wash with soap and water 
  • Pop back into the case 

Good to Know  

  • The swab has two different tips - one rounded and one pointy. The round one is good for smudging, and the sharp one is great when precision is needed. 

  • The tips are not exactly like cotton swabs as they are not absorbent or soft, but they can still be used with a splash of water or makeup remover when removing smears or spots. 

  • The case can be used for up to 5 years.


Regular cotton rounds are made of non-organic
cotton that uses vast amounts of chemicals,
pesticides, and fertilizers. Chemicals are used to
turn them into smooth and compact cotton
rounds or pads.

Our rounds are made from 100% renewable raw
materials, they are long-lasting, and home
compostable with household waste. The rounds
are made from 70% Scandinavian wood fibers,
and 30% cotton fibers (that are too short to be
used for textile).


One case includes 7 rounds that
are good for up to 150 uses each -
that’s more than 1,000 uses for just
one LastRound case!


The rounds are 100% biodegradable with your household waste.
The case should be incinerated.


The rounds are just as soft as your regular cotton rounds when liquid is added, and work exactly the same.