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Natural skincare products - are they better? 🤔

Natural skincare products - are they better? 🤔

What's the deal with natural skincare?

Is natural really better? Does natural actually work? These are questions we get often. And if you’re wandering whether or not to make the switch to a natural skin care range, this post is just for you. ☝🏻

Did you know that 60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream? 😱 This is why it’s so important to make sure you read labels, and choose products that you feel comfortable using.


There are many products out there claiming to be natural and organic. While some of them may be, finding natural products that are safe and REALLY work, is part of the reason we started My Favourite Things. We’re taking the guess work out, trying the products and doing the research, so that you have the option to choose a natural, organic brand, if you want to.

In some cases, chemically formulated products are more stable and safe, when compared to certain natural alternatives. This is because many of these products are tested, and cosmetic regulations impose limits on the amount of chemicals that can be used. Whereas, natural skincare products are not monitored by the FDA or SAHPRA. And when natural ingredients aren’t used or tested correctly, they can still lead to irritation on the skin.

That’s why we believe in the product ranges we stock. Brands like Pradiance, which as a team we have tried and tested. And we have tried MANY “natural” products and we’ve come to learn that you can’t trust any “natural skincare brand” just because the word “natural” has been slapped on the label. 😅
🌿 IF A PRODUCT IS TRULY NATURAL THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS TO USING IT: It can be safer, cause less allergic reactions, feed, nourish and over time, heal the skin. 🌿

Allow me to speak from experience: During pregnancy my skin has become a lot more sensitive and prone to redness and irritation. After just two weeks of using the Pradiance range, my skin is notably calmer, less irritated, and less red. I also know that using these truly natural and organic ingredients, is better for me and my baby, with the added bonus that Pradiance is results-driven and scientifically-backed…so I know that my skin condition will heal, and my skin type will only improve! 

So natural skincare products can definitely be a safer option! Natural skincare products are rich with ingredients that actually feed the skin with nutrients. While chemicals, like parabens, can cause serious problems for one’s skin and health. 💖

But always remember to check-in with a specialist or medical practitioner, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or just want to make sure your specific needs are being addressed. It's never a one-size fits all approach and you have to do what's best for you. It also doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation. You can definitely combine some natural skincare with more medicated products, if that works for you. 

Check-out our range of Pradiance products, and we have a blog post on exactly what products to choose for your skin type, also information is available on our FAQ page. ✨

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