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Why the world doesn't need another lip balm, it just needs the right one. 💋

Why the world doesn't need another lip balm, it just needs the right one. 💋

Sara Happ: wonder how you've ever lived without it...

Lips. Yes, lips...they seem to be having a real moment of their own right now. Never before has there been so much focus on the humble kisser, with people spending thousands to improve what their pout looks like, from plumping and filling to colouring procedures, all in the name of the perfect pout. There has also never been such an array of lip balms and lip products on the market, all promising some kind of transformative something.

However, the truth is, our lips do change shape, colour and plumpness as we age...sigh...but there are ways and means around that. You can opt for cosmetic procedures to make your lips more full (of colour and firmness) and to be fair, there may be a slight benefit to filler, in that it can help with lip dryness but...before you rush out to get a good dose of filler remember this: That slight moisture boost (which not every individual may experience) is temporary! Why? Well, our lips lack oil glands, so they're the one area of our bodies that need topical moisture applied, without exception.☝🏻

So, even if you've never had anything cosmetic done to your lips, or, you're the proud owner of some new smackers, you still need to take care of the skin on your lips - just as you would take care of the skin on the rest of your face and body.

You probably have a morning and night ritual for your skin and body; you probably also have a lip balm in your handbag, on your night stand, and in your makeup drawer...probably even one in the car...and chances are, over your lifetime, you've spent a small fortune on products that promise to plump, fill and moisturise your lips and yup, there you are, still buying another tub of vaseline.😣

I used to have at least four different brands of some kind of product to help keep my lips moist, to stop me licking them, inevitably to end up with what felt like drier lips. I've tried everything from the most expensive (we're talking Tom Ford and Chanel lip balms) to the most basic (Bepanthen or Vaseline) ALL to no avail.

One day, I was in New York and after seeing one of my favourite beauty influencers RAVE about Sara Happ, I thought, I've got nothing to lose. Tried it, and I've never looked back. That's exactly why, when starting My Favourite Things I knew the first product I wanted to introduce to you was, Sara Happ.

✨ But what makes Sara Happ lip products so different to others? For starters, The Lip Slip and Dream Slip balms and glosses (as well as the lip treatments) are devoid of the alcohols and waxes that dehydrate your lips, found in almost every other lip product out there. Conversely, Sara Happ products are filled with polymers and oils that TRULY hydrate and heal. Another bonus, the tubs are huge, so will last you years! ✨

The Lip Scrub

The original product created by Sara Happ was the Lip Scrub. This beautiful scrub is your first step to smooth, healthy lips. A delicious blend of finely ground sugar crystals and nourishing, natural oils that gently exfoliate away dead skin cells to soothe, smooth, and renew lips. (They don't harshly strip your lips, they gently, yet effectively, remove dead and flaking skin.) 🙌🏻

This is the perfect step when it comes to applying your lipstick and having it stay on longer. But also the perfect step before bed, or in the mornings, to prep your lips for the hydrating Sara Happ balms and treatments to follow.

The Lip Slip

Aaah one of the best sellers...the Lip Slip. A beautiful rose and vanilla scented balm, with a soft shimmer. It's luxury and girly goodness all rolled into one. The tub is perfect for your desk or dressing table, while the Lip Slip Gloss (a 'Coming-Soon' edition to the My Favourite Things store) is the perfect size for your handbag. Whether it's the gloss or the balm you buy (or both 😉) they are ultra-moisturising, and will bring life back to your lips with their luxurious blends of natural oils. 💕

I scrub my lips in the morning (if I need to) and apply the Lip Slip Balm to my lips, as part of my morning pamper routine. One or two touchups during the day is all.I.need! No more licking of lips, picking at lips or, constant reapplying of lip balms that actually just suck the moisture out of my lips. Argh. 

The Dream Slip

The other best seller and soon-to-be your number one nighttime lip treatment! Every night I scrub my lips with the Lip Scrub, followed by a generous layer of the Dream Slip. It's like applying a silky, yet rich moisturiser to your lips that melts in and DOESN'T come off. It won't get on your pillow slips either, and when you wake up in the morning it's like your lips went to the spa while you slept. It's a totally regenerating and luxurious product. 🧖🏼‍♀️

Coming Soon...

The Sara Happ lineup of products is expanding here at My Favourite Things. We will be bringing you more hydrating, soothing, and plumping products (yup, you read right - plumping) products, which contain only the best ingredients. Look forward to the Sara Happ Pink Clay Mask, the Lip Elixir, and coloured slips, all coming soon!

And remember, we are the real deal, the OFFICIAL Sara Happ distributor in South Africa, which means NO grey imports. You can trust that you are getting 100% legit Sara Happ products, direct from the Sara Happ factory in the United States. A pampered pout has never been easier to achieve! 🤗


Happy Shopping MFT Fam!


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 The Sara Happ Glamour Bundle: Dream Slip, Lip Slip and Lip Scrub.


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